From Bathroom vanity mirrors to full walls, let Island Glass & Mirror expand your view.

We are happy to provide copper free mirror. This type of mirror is more resistant to black edging normally caused by Hawaii's salty, humid air. To prolong the beauty of your mirror, remember these five tips: 

1. Keep bathrooms well-ventilated during showers to avoid condensation that can run and pool at the edge 
2. Never use ammonia-inclusive cleaners on your mirrors 
3. Never spray cleaners directly on a mirror. Spray a rag first, then wipe 
4. Always protect the edge from excessive moisture. If you design the mirror to meet a countertop, be mindful to keep that countertop dry, or seal it with a silicone that is safe for use on mirrors. 
5. When in doubt, gentler is better. A damp microfiber cloth can clean a mirror exceedingly well.

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